Who is Lynn Eakin

Lynn Eakin has a MSW from the University of Toronto.

Lynn has an in depth understanding of financial issues in the non profit sector. She has been providing consulting services to the not-for- profit sector since 1989 following a career of over twenty years in senior management in a social service organization. Lynn has researched, written and lectured widely on key issues affecting social service organizations particularly in the areas of non-profit finance and restructuring. Recent publications and activities are:

  • Designed the Nonprofit Financial Workbook for the analysis of the budgets of community organizations that have multiple sources of funding. The research reports resulting from that project are - Community Capacity Draining: The Impact of Current Funding Practices on non-profit Community Organizations, CSPCT 2004, a study of ten Toronto multi service agencies that increases the depth and detail of our understanding of current funding models and the impact they have on community based social and health services; and - Taking Stock: Examining the Financing of nonprofit Community Organizations in Calgary, Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, 2006, a study of twenty Calgary nonprofit agencies that builds on the Toronto Study regarding assessing revenues against program expenses and adds information on volunteers, gifts in kind and staff overtime
  • Other recent work includes: The Policy and Practice Gap: Federal Government Practices regarding Administrative Costs when funding Voluntary Sector Organizations, Voluntary Sector Forum 2005, a survey report to determine policy and practices currently used across federal departments towards administrative costs.
  • Where Charity and Business meet, 2001 a description of the differences in approach to government contracting between profit and non-profit organizations and the implications for organizational capacity.
  • Member of the Administrative sub- committee, a federal government/nonprofit joint working group that reviewed HRSD administrative practises and recommended changes to the funding and processing of administrative and other expenses in HRSD contracts.2005
  • Community Organizations at Risk co-authored with Ted Richmond of the Laidlaw Foundation for the Journal, The Philanthropist. 2005
  • Member of the Canadian Council on Social Development (CCSD) research team. The Task Force on Community Investments (TFCI) commissioned a report from (CCSD) as part of its mandate to develop more consistent and coherent funding practices, as well as seamless, horizontal approaches to community investments across the Government of Canada. The report Pan Canadian Funding Practice in Communities, Challenges and Opportunities for the Government of Canada. June 2006.