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Business and Non-Profits
  Of course the sector needs to be sustainable but that’s not the “be all, end all.” The real goal is to have a civil society with organizations that are there for the public good
Financial Workbook
  The non-profit financial workbook is a financial assessment tool specifically designed for the needs of the non-profit sector.
When would this workbook be helpful to my organization?
Financing the Sector
  Research indicates there is no single factor, but rather a convergence of financial, service and client-related factors that result in the current pressures faced by the sector.
Managing Cuts
  One of the biggest problems with the winding down of the organizations whose funding is cut has been a lack of clarity of the roles and responsibilities between the funder and the agency board of directors.
Non-Profit Action
  The sector needs to take action, but it is faced with a dilemma. It has neither the capacity to mount a change initiative on the issues that affects the sector as a whole, nor does it have an umbrella organization that can effectively speak to its concerns at the provincial level.
Sector News
  Join ONN in calling for a dedicated Public Benefit Corporations Act in Ontario The Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN), expert working group has prepared three responses to the three consultation papers on the Corporations Act issued by the Government of Ontario.
Sector Policy and Structure
  In this category I take a look at the impact of our antiquated legislation and regulatory regime for Canadian charities and nonprofits.
  Thanks you so much for having me here today to speak with you. It is indeed an honour and I might add a little daunting.
Tools & Resources
  A variety of reports that help you with Tools and Resources to improve your understanding of the Sector