The focus of my work is on the following 5 strategic areas.

1. Primary research on the Financing of nonprofit organizations

  • Research on the administrative and accountability burden on agencies.
  • Using the Financial Workbook we developed, we have profiled agency finances and identified the cumulative impact of funding policy and practices
  • Research on current funding practices and on effective funding practices
  • Undertaking investigative research to identify funding issues and their dimensions.

2. Developing tools to assist agencies and funders with sector financing

•The Non-Profit Financial Workbook helps nonprofit organizations cost their programs and measure them against revenues, it also collects overtime and volunteer data and gifts in kind. The result is the nonprofit organization has a comprehensive profile of their sources of funding, their adequacy and the impact on staff overtime and volunteers.
•The advisory for boards regarding managing cutbacks document provides a guide for Boards of Directors facing sudden funding reductions so they manages their liabilities.
•The Advisory on Negotiating with funders provides advice on negotiating with funders up front regarding budget cuts to avoid difficult situations arising that can expose the organization and Board Members personally to liabilities.
•Quiz for funders regarding overhead functions is a fun way to make the point that overhead/core/central administration is not a frill but an exxential component in a well managed agency.
•Where business and charity meet - a graph comparing nonprofit financing and forprofit financing and makes the point that the playing field is not level and nonprofit financing practices are dysfunctional for nonprofit organizations.
•Community agencies at risk a rather lengthy, but great primer for funders, staff and Board members on nonprofit issues.

3. Helping agencies respond to changing financial realities

•We help nonprofits developing proposals and business plans and think strategically to make opportunities.
•The Nonprofit financial workbook can help groups of nonprofit organizations get a handle and gather consistent data on their financing situation.

4. Advising funders on funding issues and good funding practice

•Advise funders on the design and alignment of programs and interests with the organizations they fund.
•Help funders think strategically about their funding challenges.
•Help funders assess, plan and manage for risk and liabilities,
•Consult with funders to improve andstreamline their funding practices and procedures.
•Brief and advise funders on the needs and challenges in the nonprofit sector.

5. Advising Non-profit sector and sub-sectors on funding problems/issues

•Research the issues and challenges of the nonprofit sector.
•Network and link with groups within the nonprofit sector.
•Draft policy positions and documents on funding and other issues.
•Advise on administrative and accountability issues
•Facilitate dialogue between funders and nonprofit sector.
•Advise on strategic directions or approaches for the sector to address key issues.