Non-Profit Action

The sector needs to take action, but it is faced with a dilemma. It has neither the capacity to mount a change initiative on the issues that affects the sector as a whole, nor does it have an umbrella organization that can effectively speak to its concerns at the provincial level. Yet the challenges facing the sector’s health are so critical that those interested in its long-term viability must explore new ways to act to influence change in the nonprofit financing and regulatory environment.

> Of course the sector needs to be sustainable - but thats not the be all end all.
  Of course the sector needs to be sustainable but that’s not the be all, end all. The real goal is to have a civil society with organizations that are there for the public good.
> Modernization of Ont Legislation for the Nonprofit Sector
  The Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN), expert working group has been hard at work on a more detailed study of the legislative options for public benefit organizations and drafting these briefing notes for the field.Act now!
> Get Moving May 31 - 2008 deadline.
  Join ONN in calling for a dedicated Public Benefit Corporations Act in Ontario The Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN), expert working group has prepared three responses to the three consultation papers on the Corporations Act issued by the Government of Ontario. All three can now be found on the brand new ONN website.
> New Report - We Cant Afford to Do Business This Way
  A Study of the Administrative Burden Resulting From Funder Accountability and Compliance Practices.
My research on the administrative burden resulting from funder accountability and compliance practices is now available. Undertaken with the support of the Wellesley Institute, the studies findings will help nonprofit organizations and their funders improve their effectiveness and responsiveness.
> Follow Up - Building a Network
  Since my memo in June 2007 proposing that a network, rather than an organization, was a better fit for the nonprofit sector two things have happened.
> Memo to the Sector - June 2007
  In my previous post I introduced the paper Advancing the Nonprofit Sector in which I identified the key characteristics for successfully organizing the nonprofit sector as independent (non-government) funding, cross sector involvement, experienced volunteer and staff leadership, and an open functional structure.
> Successful nonprofit congress held in the United States
  The time has come to work together to address our common challenges and opportunities” Over 400 nonprofit leaders from 47 states gathered in Washington, October 2006 to affirm the nonprofit sector’s shared values, identify the top three priorities and draft state action plans to address these priorities.
> Advancing the Non-Profit Sector
  If there is one galvanizing issue that should unite the nonprofit sector in Ontario, it is the financing and regulatory problems that currently threaten the sector’s well-being. Katherine Scott of the Canada Council on Social Development describes the cumulative impact of these problems as a “perfect storm” in the making.
  Most of the reports are in Adobe's PDF (Click below to read online or download)