Financing the Non Profit Sector
  Research indicates there is no single factor, but rather a convergence of financial, service and client-related factors that result in the current pressures faced by the sector. Strategies agencies employed to balance their budgets have eroded any flexibility they had to accommodate the changing and increasing service needs of aging residents.  The sector faces pressure to meet urgent need for residential care from elderly parents who find themselves no longer able to care for their adult children at home. 

> Of course the sector needs to be sustainable but...
  Of course the sector needs to be sustainable but that’s not the “be all, end all.” The real goal is to have a civil society with organizations that are there for the public good.
> An Analysis of The Proposal for Tax Credit
  The proposal from the Association of Fundraising Professionals ( AFP) for the Government of Ontario to provide a provincial non-refundable tax credit for charitable donations to augment the tax break already provided by the Federal Government needs further policy and financial analysis.
> New Report: We Can’t Afford to Do Business This Way
  A Study of the Administrative Burden Resulting From Funder Accountability and Compliance Practices.
> CommunityService Organizations At Risk
  Community service organizations are at risk of failing their mandates, failing their communities, betraying the public trust, and fading away as viable organizations.
> Policy Practice Gap
  A survey of voluntary sector organizations was undertaken as part of a larger collaborative problem-solving initiative between Social Development Canada and the Voluntary Sector Forum focusing on the Code of Good Practice on Funding.
> Taking Stock - Calgary
  Taking Stock: Examining the financing of nonprofit community organizations in Calgary
Community-based nonprofit organizations operate in a complex and complicated funding environment. This report presents a picture of the various revenue streams organizations depend on to fund their programs.
> Beyond Numbers
  Metro Agencies Resource Council agencies are having significant difficulty balancing their budgets while maintaining service levels. This review was undertaken to explore factors contributing to the financial pressures, what agencies have done to mitigate these factors and what next steps need to be taken to ensure the agencies financial health.
> Community Capacity Draining
  The revenues and expenditures of ten non-profit community organizations were analysed using a structured framework and common definitions.
> Supporting Organizational Infrastructure
  There is emerging, both in anecdotal evidence and in the research literature, a growing recognition that a significant number of voluntary sector organizations in Canada are experiencing problems funding their operations and programs.
> Overview of Funding
  This review was undertaken to bring together the “in the field” experience of voluntary sector organizations with the literature on non-profit funding in the hope that this combined perspective could provide an overview of today’s situation and help determine the most productive and urgent priorities for future action.

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