Welcome to Lynn Eakin's "Beyond Numbers" website and resource centre for the Non-Profit Affairs sector.

We offer access to a variety of reports, sector analysis and workbooks designed for stakeholders in the non-profit sector. These articles provide important and practical tools for better long term management and strategy alignment to address challenges inherent in the sector.

Why Visit
  Lynn Eakin has a MSW from the University of Toronto.

Lynn has an in depth understanding of financial issues in the non profit sector. She has been providing consulting services to the not-for- profit sector since 1989 following a career of over twenty years in senior management in a social service organization.

  Lynn has researched, written and lectured widely on key issues affecting social service organizations particularly in the areas of non-profit finance and restructuring. Recent publications and activities are available for download here.
  At LynnEakin.com you will find the reports I have written over the past 20 years advising the non-profit sector in Canada. I encourage you to read, share and add your comments.
  The focus of my work is on the following 5 strategic areas.
  1. Primary research on the Financing of nonprofit organizations
  2. Developing tools to assist agencies and funders with sector financing
  3. Helping agencies respond to changing financial realities
  4. Advising funders on funding issues and good funding practice sector.
  5. Advising Non-profit sector and sub-sectors on funding problems/issues
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